Welcome to Troutman Design, a place where we take visual communication to the next level. We love to provide customers with a unique design style that meets their specific needs.

Graphic design all began as child for me, from doodling in the margins of school books and church bulletins, to  recreating skateboard logos and album artwork. As I entered into college and discovered the endless possibilities of graphic design, I was hooked. I always enjoyed the challenge of the process of working from the sketchbook to the computer. After graduating in 2005, I started freelance design and never looked back. Many of my projects have been for faith based organizations and non-profits, which is a passion for me. God has given me a gift of visual communication and I intend to use it to further His Kingdom.

In most recent years I have been using my skills at St. Andrew’s School in Middletown, DE. From photo and video, to print and web design, I never have the same day twice and enjoy the private school environment.

When I am not busy with design work you can find me enjoying life with my beautiful family that I have been blessed with. My wife, Emily, and I have 4 great kids that keep us on our toes. In my small glimpses of free time, you can find me outdoors. I will always find a way to be inspired through the outdoors, through mountain biking, hunting, fishing, and surfing. If you've gotten this far, thanks for checking out my site!